Monday, 6 August 2012

CounTing The Days !! yiiihaaa !!

Assalamualaikum n very good evening to all the readers, haters n more2.. :)
    Did u olls look at my title above ?? really yes u do ? haha ...what are me counting for ? erm Good question...Me counting the days to go back to my sweetyhome serdang !! :) hehehe.. Derrr~~ kecoh je kann.. org xnk tawu pun..huhu .. Its become more excited bcoz i will be with my family for Eid... But most happy sbb dpt bersahur n berbuka dengan family "for the first time" in this month..weeheee !! Excitoddd meeyhh....^______^ it has been almost 3 month me at uitm arau ni..and it was my second time "PUASA" here..huhu.. sedih ? of corse leyyhh sedih...Nak jugak bersahur n berbuka dgn family.. Oh seriusly me miss them so much especially my sweetyheart didit n acha :) wait for maksu oke..! there's 8 day me start to count from today..HAHAHA....giloo..a week to go oke...and almost forget that i have TWO TEST to go..haihhh -____-" nak senang2 pun x boleh.. For this tuesday i hav Logical & prooving test, n this sunday i hav calculus2 test... :( oh pliss pray the best for me ...cuak dehh.. This test is for my "CarryMark" haddoiii... tensionn....Today is nuzul's quran day..17 ramadhan..cuti...yeay!! but for me there's no CUTI.. Deyyy! tomorrow test nak cuti apekah ??!! takde makne derr~~ huhu er am i jealous when looking at frens that always going home ? oh seriusly me got very very very n very jealous...Me also wanna going back la..! Sabar2...lagi 8 hari lagi..hehehe... Rase seronok pulak dah Homesick giler2 ni bile balik nnt TADAAA~~~ I'M HOMe !! hehe.. Dapat tolong my brother n sis kemas rumah, pasang lagu raya kuat2, angkat sofa yang berat2 tuu... tepuk2 karpet yang habuk banyak tuu..hahaha aaaaaAAA rinduu !! ceeiitt....enough is enough.. Focus on your test la first then you will going back home kan kan kan ^_^... Hey i'm not finished yet, bukan x syiiookk meyh puasa kat sini, sgt2 seronok sebab puasa dgn kwn2 .. dpt bersahur same2, dpt berbuka same2.. n yet lagi best dpat g bazar same2 cari mkanan.. rambang oo mate tgk byk makanan. Tapi sabar2 nafsu je tu.. hihihihi... Oopss dah byk bebel la... nk out to continue study logical n prooving.. There's no time to play around.. Chooww.... :))

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